About Us

Do you need your device repaired?

We carry out mobile phones and Computer devices repairs every day.

We could help fix your product today.

Here at iFix repair Centre, we can come to the rescue when disaster strikes with your mobile phone or computer, with our exceptional repair service. We are a repairs and support provider for Phone City (Southgate),

If your mobile phone, computers, iPads or laptops is not working but there's no obvious damage, you might find solution simply asking a member our staff.

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We provide the following services:

neo mp3 audio player clip art thumbUnlock and repair almost any make and model, including XDA/PDA

  • Stock LCD screen and spare parts for almost any make and model
  • Fix water / liquid damage and all other non warranty repairs
  • Software upgrade and debrand service for Nokia , Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Motorola
  • Provide language software upgrades for Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola
  • Data backup from Memory Cards or phone memory
  • Free quote for repairs