1. Warranty

We provide 3 months warranty with most repairs carried out by iFix-Repair centres.

Warrantees are only valid with proof of repair carried out by iFix-Repair. (Original iFix-repair receipt)

Please Note: Repairs carried out on Liquid damaged devices or devices with reception problems are only provided with 15 days warranty period only.

Whilst we make every effort to repair your handset, ifix-repairs.com take no responsibility for consequential damaged caused to your device whilst in our possession.

Any devices that are beyond repair iFix-repairs will inform customer via email or phone.

If a device is beyond repair a standard fixed fee of £9.99 will be charge to the customer. This payment has to be settled within 14 working days.

All uncollected devices will be recycled after 3 months.

2.Customer Service

Our customer service phone line is open Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 6.30pm. Calls are charged at the National call rate. Call 020 8882 1133.

3. Payments

ifix-repairs.com accept major credit card and postal orders.

4. Delivery

Unless ifix-repairs.com have agreed a longer time with the customer.

ifix-repairs.com will deliver goods within 30 days.

If ifix-repairs.com cannot deliver within our 30 days turn around policy we will inform the customer with a reason and a new estimated time period will be agreed.

If we cannot agree another time for delivery. The customer will be offered a refund. [Consumer Protection (Contracts Concluded by Means of Distance Communication) Regulations 2000]

5.Faulty goods

ifix-repairs.com provide the option of a full refund, within a reasonable time, if the goods turn out to be faulty or different from those the consumer ordered. ifix-repairs.com will give all refunds as soon as possible, (within 30 days of agreeing to give the refund, taking into account the original method of payment.) This does not affect your statutory rights.

6. Refunds

ifix-repairs.com provide the option of a full refund, within a reasonable time, if the goods turn out to be faulty or different from those (the customer) ordered, ifix-repairs.com will give all refunds as soon as possible, (within 14 days of agreeing to give the refund, taking into account the original method of payment.) This does not affect your statutory rights. See our returns policy for more information.

7. Cancellation

Under the terms of the which? Web Trader Code of Practice, this section has been introduced to incorporate the European Directive on Distance Selling which is incorporated into UK law by the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. This regulation gives you, the consumer, and the right to cancel your order within 7 working days. The 7 days begins from the date you receive your order. This cancellation must be in writing on PDF file and emailed to support. A telephone call will not suffice to cancel an order. To be entitled to cancel the order the item must be un-used and in a re-saleable condition i.e. all packing, accessories etc. and must be returned at your expense. We would prefer you to use our carrier, Business Post for returns and we would advice you to insure the item(s), as the cost of any lost or missing items in transit we need to be met by yourself. All monies entitled to be refunded will be credited once the item(s) has been received by ourselves - less the initial cost of shipping incurred by ourselves

8. Guarantees

All equipment purchased are covered by the relevant manufacturers warranties.

9. Receipts, bills and settlement mistakes

ifix-repairs.com will provide a receipt. ifix-repairs.com will correct any mistakes in bills, receipts or payments as soon as possible, and at the latest within 30 days of the agreement to do so. This does not affect your statutory rights.

10. Unsolicited e-mail

ifix-repairs.com will not send random and untargeted unsolicited e-mail. See our privacy notice.

11. Consumer law

ifix-repairs.com meet our obligations under the consumer protection laws currently in force including:
The Sale of Goods Act 1979;
The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982;
The Consumer Credit Act 1974;
The Trade Descriptions Act 1968;
The Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 and the 1994 Regulations; and
The Consumer Protection Act 1987.
The Data Protection Act 1998

12. Customer feedback

ifix-repairs.com agree to invite which? Online customers to post comments about their experience of ifix-repairs.com on which? Online forum discussions.

13. Children

Any communications that ifix-repairs.com direct to children will be age appropriate and will not exploit their credulity, lack of experience or sense of loyalty. ifix-repairs.com will not collect any personal information from children under 12 without their parent's/carer's explicit consent. If the child is over 12, ifix-repairs.com will only collect the information you (the customer) need to send appropriate communications and the child understands what is involved.ifix-repairs.com will not disclose information from children to anyone else without the explicit consent of the child's parent/carer. ifix-repairs.com will not accept an order from a child without the explicit and verifiable consent of their parent/carer. You (the customer) must not ask children for personal information about other peopleyou (the customer) must not entice children to give personal information by offering them a reward or prize.

14. Handling complaints

ifix-repairs.com will deal with all complaints effectively. Our system for handling strives to be:

15. Fair Confidential Effective

Easy to use, available on line and well-publicised
Speedy - We will acknowledge the complaint within 5 working days and provide a likely timescale for resolving the dispute and keep you informed about progress
Informative - so that we know which services you need to improve
Checked - to make sure that it is working well and getting better For any complaints please contact ifix-repairs.com using the details below.

16. Solving Disputes

ifix-repairs.com are governed by UK (English or Scottish) law. Any disputes between you (the customer) and ifix-repairs.com will be handled by a neutral third party, to have your complaint resolved. The third party will look at the complaint and check to see whether ifix-repairs.com have handled it properly and, if appropriate, recommend a solution.

17. Company details

ifix-repairs.com is the trading name for mobiletek ltd

Note: Any additional questions or comments please contact support or call our number 020 8882 1133